Good News Alert

Are you as tired of all the negative, angry, vindictive news as I am?

Today I am starting a new series of blogs that will focus on positive, interesting people who are being creative. We will celebrate their unique thinking and find inspiration to encourage our own creativity.

First of the Series: Classical Music from Half Filled Glasses

In front of the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg Florida sits a man playing beautiful music to a growing group of admirers. In the sun and beneath the shade of a Kapok Tree is a table filled with clear glasses of different sizes and filled with varying amounts of water.

He has carefully tuned the glasses to produce the notes in four octaves. When he plays, the glasses produce a beautiful clear sound as his fingers stroke the sides in systematic rhythm. He plays Beethoven and tunes from different cultures. Folks come and listen as he shares his music to those who have gathered around him.

He has brought beautiful music to his world, found a unique way to create the clear sounds, and is sharing with others. He smiles as he plays, finding great joy in the music he is creating. We share his enthusiasm for the music and his amazing talent!

Can you find a ways to share positive events and happenings with others? Let’s focus on the creativity that abounds in our world!