Good News Alert: Little Free Libraries

Recently, I was exploring Dunedin, Florida, looking for something positive to add to my series of blogs on positive happenings. I found a wonderful box that looked like a miniature school house on a post situated at the edge of downtown.

little-free-library-1As I explored the intriguing box, I found that it was A Little Library complete with a collection of paperback books inside and a working door on the outside. The instructions read “take one and return one.” What a wonderful idea to put books out into the world to be selected, read, and returned. This positive idea is being spread all over the country to make neighborhoods nicer and filled with books.

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little-free-library-2These positive creations, like the Little Library and the people who implemented them, have made me see our world in a wonderful new way. They help me remember that positive and creative events are occurring around us everyday, but we have to see and celebrate them!

I hope you are looking for the wonderful things that are happening around you and the amazing people who help keep our inspirations flowing. I will continue my search too!