Getting ready for new children?

Language Explosion

For the past two years I have been involved in doing make overs in preschool, PreK, and Kindergarten classrooms.  This entire process has been documented in my new book “Real Classroom Make Overs”.  Having the opportunity to collaborate with wonderful early childhood teachers and assist them with their classroom has been an exhilarating experience for me.  It has reminded me yet again, that our field of early childhood has many hard working and creative people.  It is my hope that the content and beautiful color pictures in our new book will help you “see” the amazing changes that are possible in classrooms. Be sure to notice the comments that the teachers and children made after the changes were made in their spaces.

As you get ready for fall? Think about the environment that you are creating for your children. Will they feel welcomed into this new space?  Will they see interesting things to do that will invite them into meaningful learning?  Will they see pictures of themselves and classmates that will help them recognize the community they will live in?  Can they identify choices that will let them to follow their interest into small groups/centers?  Are their beautiful items to examine and appreciate?

You have a power to design an environment that will inspire young learners and positively impact their development.  All you have to do is start with one area—-and do it!!!

Send me questions and pictures about your classroom environment —–we can brainstorm possibilities.  Together we can create a wonderful place for you and your children.