What a Fabulous Storytelling Festival Weekend

This past weekend, over 10,000 people from all over the world enjoyed the storytellers in the tiny, historic town of Jonesborough, TN. The town was beautifully dressed for the special occasion with fall pumpkins, corn stalks, and colorful mums on steps, porches, and buildings on Main Street. Huge white tents were scattered around town and were filled with listeners anxious to hear the stories, songs, chants, movements, and messages of each unique storyteller. Each storyteller approached their stories in a different way, with sound effects, songs, graceful movements, or facial expressions that supported their message.

storytelling-with-leif-and-aneThis year our dear friends, Leif and Ane from Denmark, stayed with us, attended the sessions, and enjoyed the diversity of the tellers. I am sure their brains were tired since they had to translate the stories they heard into Danish and then attempt to interpret the moral of the story. But, they were strong and attended many sessions, heard tellers from Ireland to Japan to Appalachia, and laughed at all the right places. What great fun it was to attend such a wonderful event with friends who shared your appreciation for the power of story!

Now it is time for us to carry on the storytelling tradition. Share a family story to your children or grandchildren or retell a story you enjoyed as a child. Help these children develop an appreciation for stories told, understand the power of words, and develop empathy for others. Orally told stories capture the imagination of young children, match their level of understanding, and inspire them to tell stories too.

Join us next year for the 45th International Storytelling Festival in October 2017 in Jonesborough, TN.

Storytelling Tent

Storytelling Tent

I hope to connect with you next year in one of the white tents and together we can be inspired by the array of talented Storytellers!