Creating a Calm Environment during the Holiday Season

Young children become very excited during the holidays, with their anticipation building over time. It is important or early childhood teachers and parents to try to keep the environment calm during this time of year. Here are a few hints for managing your classroom and preserving

  1. Delay talking about specific holidays. The earlier you start talking about events, parties, and presents, the more difficult it is for the children to contain their excitement. If you focus on the holidays every day, you will build the excitement to an unmanageable level.
  2. Play soft and calming music. As the saying goes “music calms the savage beast” in this case, “music calms the anxious child.”
  3. Maintain the regular and predictable schedule. Young children like predictability and the sequence helps them understand how the day will progress. When the order of things is disrupted, they grow increasingly upset.
  4. Watch both your and the children’s diet. Limit the special treats you have in your classroom. So many of the foods we eat during the holidays are full of sugar. Think about having oranges, apples, nuts, cheese, and other nutritious foods to eat throughout the day.
  5. Focus on making gifts or helping others rather than “what’s for me?” Find ways of helping families and giving presents made by the children. These will be greatly appreciated because they are unique and made by little hands.
  6. Find time during the day to rest, nap, or read a book in a quiet place. This time will allow the animated child time to regroup and relax. It is not necessary to sleep, but rather slow down and clear your head.
  7. Get outdoors, take a nature walk, take big blocks outside in wagons, and add bells or chimes to the fence for playing. Being outside puts everything in perspective and provides many opportunities to use young children’s unbelievable amount of energy.
  8. You are their role model, so try to remain calm. Slow down the level of stimulation in

You will enjoy your time with young children more if you intentionally plan ways to maintain a Happy Holidays to you and your young children!