Celebration Time! Come on! Celebration Time!

Today I submitted the final editing of my new book: Nurturing Creativity: A Critical Mindset for Young Children’s Learning. It will be published by NAEYC with an anticipated Fall 2016 release.

It has been a long journey with many dips and highs to get this book completed. But I am excited about the message it conveys: Young children are creative and inspired by their Creative Early Childhood Teachers.

Often teachers will tell me, “I am not creative.”

Let me tell you: You are creative! When you work with energetic and curious young children you have to be creative, full of ideas, and flexible in your thinking. You use your creativity everyday as you build an interesting and challenging learning environment.

Please celebrate with me today! Tomorrow, I will get back to work on presentations, training, and handouts for the spring months…but now let’s celebrate!

Keep your creative juices flowing and your life filled with joy. Be inspired by the astonishing children who are an important part of your life!

Celebration Time! Come on! Celebration Time!