A Spectacular Early Childhood Center in Granada Spain

For the past two weeks I have been in Spain learning about the culture and the families that live in this area. During my time, I was able to visit a beautiful Center for birth to 3-year-olds designed by a Spanish Architect, Alejandro Munoz Miranda. Centro Infantil Municipal is located In the city of Chaparral, Granada.

Teresa, the director welcomed me into the very special place where infants and toddlers were actively engaged with teachers. The structure was white stucco, reminiscent of the white villages scattered throughout the south of Spain.

Spain-Infant-Toddler-Teresa-DirectorThe Center spread across a hilltop in a quiet neighborhood. This municipal center is supported by the local government where children could attend at a very low cost. The Architect was obviously interested in the aesthetics of the building and the interior which focus on shape, color, light, and openness of the Center. Unique architecture and bright colors are so important in the Spanish environment and echo the spirit of the people who live in this region.

In the unique structure, colorful panels allowed the sun to enter the children’s space producing different colored light in the hallway and indoor play area. Inside spaces were filled with clear glass with sliding panels that allow the teachers to open areas to combine classrooms for activities and community meetings. These clear moveable doors made the spaces feel large and connected to the outside playground and courtyard.

Spain-Rainbow-lightsOver 100 infants and toddlers were able to move, learn, interact, and gain a sense of belonging in this beautiful place. The space was filled with light, colorful furniture, and children’s creations. An enormous covered outdoor area allowed the children to play and explore when weather was rainy or cold.

Spain-Infant-Toddler-Color-in-HallwayIt was so special to be welcomed into an Early Childhood program in Spain—-and feel the love and beauty that these lucky infants and toddlers were able to experience made me feel joyful!

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