2020 is an Exciting Year for New Possibilities

As you make plans for 2020, here are 20 ideas to get you off to a creative start.

For you

  1. Do something you have never done before. (What will it be?)
  2. Wear an item of clothing or jewelry you have never worn.
  3. Notice the change of the seasons and identify your observations.
  4. Drive to work using a different route.
  5. Try a new recipe or change the ingredient in an old favorite.
  6. Wear two different earrings or two different shoes.
  7. Use a new word or phrase in your conversations. Observe the response.
  8. Bring something you love to work and share it with others.
  9. Actively listen to someone else’s story.
  10. Have a conversation with someone significantly older or younger than you.

With your children

  1. Respond positively to children’s unique ideas. (Wow, amazing idea! You are really thinking.)
  2. Read a new story to your children that is intriguing and thought provoking.
  3. Add a large piece of colorful fabric to the block center and observe what happens.
  4. Include a beautiful new item in your classroom. (a picture, sculpture, pottery, weaving, collage)
  5. Provide a new center in your classroom that builds on your children’s interest. (Nature Center, Fitness Spa, Inventors Lab)
  6. Introduce a finger play or poem that you haven’t used in several years. Add motions, sound effects, or music to create a new version.
  7. Add a collection of interesting hats to the Home Living Center.
  8. Collect paper that has texture and include it in the Art Studio for painting, cutting, and constructing.
  9. Think about ways to give your children more choices during the day so they can become decision makers.
  10. Design a quiet space that will provide a place where a child can find a place to calm, think, or have creative ideas.
  11. Ask your children what they would like to add or change in their environment.  Let them help make some of these changes.

Everyday we have the opportunity to try something new or do it the same way we have always done it. Make 2020 the year you break out and try new things, adventure into new possibilities, and nurture your creativity.  You and your children will be glad you did.

Grow creatively,