10 Ways to Brighten Up Your Spring Classroom

After a cold and gray winter, it is time to add new sparks of Spring in your classroom.

Begin group time by posing some divergent questions: “How do you know it is spring?”  “What could we bring into our classroom so show that spring is here?” “What do you like about Spring”.  Write down the children’s responses and display them on a colorful background in the classroom for everyone to see.

10 Springtime Classroom Additions

  1. Plant a narcissus or hyacinth bulb in a small flower pot. Children can water and watch the leaves and flowers develop.  Both of these bulbs have wonderful smells so they will add a pleasant aroma to the space.
  2. Bring a branch from a budding tree to observe and enjoy.  Keep in water and watch it bloom.
  3. An abandoned bird’s nest can spark conversations about eggs, baby birds, and leaving the nest.  This can also lead to the children creating their own unique nest for a real or imagined bird.
  4. Spring brings showers. Wear raincoats, ponchos, or carry umbrellas outside so the children can enjoy experience a spring shower.
  5. With the increase in light from the sun, find ways to make light visible. Experiment with different materials, colors, and shapes.  Determine the best place to display the light catcher?
  6. Grow grass in a plastic lined shallow plastic tray.  Fill with potting soil and cover with wet newspaper and sit it in a warm place until it sprouts.  After the grass gets tall it can be “mowed” with scissors.  This grass filled tray can become a place to play with small micro people figures, farm animals, or other related items.
  7. Add long strips of colored, lightweight, translucent fabric to the climbing structures outside.  The light and wind will help the children see the effects of the changing light and observe the change in the wind.
  8. In the Art Center, add floral wrapping paper, paper flowers, spring colored tissue paper, clear plastic shower curtain for painting, and branches that have fallen on the ground. These open-ended materials can add a spring touch to art projects.
  9. Research and plant a tree that will grow on the grounds of your school.  To make the literacy connection read books about trees and make a sign with the names of the children who planted and watered your special tree. Be sure to take pictures of the event.
  10. Using blue food coloring, transform the water table to inspire new exploration, pouring, or create floating items from scraps of wood, or foam.  The change of the color and different tools added to the table will encourage expanded experimentation, conversations, and conclusions.

These ideas will add new life to your classroom and inspire you to think of many variations that will demonstrate your creative thinking.


Nurture Creativity,