Dr. Rebecca Isbell

Keynote Speaker & Author

My early childhood education keynotes celebrate the positive influence that teachers have on young children during the critical early years of development. My sessions are energetic, full of laughter, but also contain cutting edge information that can be applied in their diverse settings.

For the past twelve years I have been a keynote speaker, workshop leader, and featured speaker at many different professional teacher training and development meetings all over the world. These speaking experiences have ranged from local PreK conferences to regional ECE conferences to international educator meetings.

My goal is that each person will leave my session with new ideas and creative possibilities. Every ECE keynote and teacher training workshop is tailored to the special group I am working with so my information is right on target for their needs.

My Keynotes:

Inspire action

Include cutting edge information

Invite active participation

Support the importance of EC

Integrate stories of teachers and young children

Filled with laughter and joy!

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Hear From Attendees of My Keynotes

Don’t take my word for it, take a look at what attendees of my professional development events had to say.

All the participants left each of your sessions with their chin a little higher and proud to be a member of this profession.  Your audience interaction and participation were just what everyone needed to jumpstart the day.

AimeeAlbany, NY

Dr. Isbell’s enthusiasm is contagious! Her session was very enjoyable and filled with great ideas.

EnthusiasmSt. Augustine, FL

This was the best keynote I have ever heard—and I have heard a lot

JasonSpringfield, MO

Learning that I am creative and that my children are too was a very positive experience for me. This workshop provided me with many new and meaningful ways to nurture creative thinking in young children.

Positive ExperienceSingapore

Teaching in Singapore

Teaching in Denmark

Teaching in China

Mad Hatter Conference

University of Texas EC Conference

My New Book

Nurturing Creativity: An Essential Mindset for Young Children’s Learning

Young children have great capacity for creativity that thrives when it is nurtured. Early childhood teachers have the opportunity to inspire children’s innovative thinking and doing by:

  • Including creative opportunities across all domains of learning
  • Designing a beautiful space that encourages children’s experimentation and play
  • Extending children’s learning and challenging their thinking
  • Documenting children’s thought processes and displaying their work
  • Involving families and the community in children’s creative endeavors
  • Reflecting on your beliefs and practices about creativity and nurturing your own creativity
  • Learn how to support children as they problem-solve, explore and share new ideas, and collaborate with others, and watch their confidence and capableness grow.