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Alaska Adventure with Early Childhood Teachers

It has been a busy fall traveling around the country from Bowling Green, KY to Jonesboro, AR and El Paso, TX.  In each place, I’ve had the opportunity to work with wonderful early childhood teachers who share my passion for creating the best possible environments for young children. I have just returned from an amazing […]

The Positive Benefits of Pre-K

Over the last few weeks, I have read with dismay headlines that claim “Pre-K is a waste of money.” These unfounded remarks should inspire us to call to action. This upcoming year, a chapter that I have written for a book called “Innovative Practices in Early Childhood Education” will be published by Springer.  My article […]

Free Children’s Book

Well, if you read my last blog you know I suggested that you might do some “Spring Cleaning”. You probably know the old adage, “Don’t ask anyone to do something you wouldn’t do yourself”. After much soul searching, I decided I needed to do some cleaning and organizing in my warehouse where I keep many […]

Spring Cleaning Your Early Childhood Classroom

In many parts of our country, spring is popping.  Traditionally, this has signaled a time for spring cleaning, but today I want us to think about spring cleaning your classroom. Spring Cleaning Your Classroom Look around the space where you and your children spend a major portion of your day.  Can your children visually recognize […]

13 Ideas for my 2013 Classroom

As 2013 begins we make many resolutions, sometimes the same ones we made last year. Some of mine include: lose weight, exercise more, and eat more chocolate. But this year, let’s make some resolutions that relate to making our classroom a marvelous place for you to live with your children. I have identified 13 ideas, some you may […]

Getting ready for new children?

For the past two years I have been involved in doing make overs in preschool, PreK, and Kindergarten classrooms.  This entire process has been documented in my new book “Real Classroom Make Overs”.  Having the opportunity to collaborate with wonderful early childhood teachers and assist them with their classroom has been an exhilarating experience for […]

Pin It To Win It Contest

Here’s a great contest from my publisher Kaplan. Follow the directions for a chance to win big!   Pin the graphic to the left to get started. Follow us on Pinterest & create a board on your Pinterest profile with the title “My Kaplan Classroom Makeover.” Include at least 5 products from www.kaplanco.com and at least 1 […]

A Small Classroom: No Place for a New Learning Center?

“How can new learning centers be included in my classroom when it is so small?” As I travel and present on environments that include learning centers, I frequently hear this concern. One of the best ways to add a new center, in a “filled” classroom, is to transform a traditional center.