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Myths of the “Perfect Holiday”

You can make everything perfect. This is not even possible—things happen. The turkey gets too done, the sweater is too small, more relatives show up than you expected, and the oven explodes. More is better. More food, more decorations, more presents, more relatives. Perhaps a better goal to work toward is “Good enough”. Example of […]

Kaplan NAEYC 2013 Handout

How Do Children Understand their Environment? Young children strive to make sense of their world. They organize the visual images and concrete objects in their environment into meaningful systems. Children want to determine the way the space works and what can happen in this place. They come to understand how their world works through the unique experiences that […]

Creating a Calm Environment during the Holiday Season

Young children become very excited during the holidays, with their anticipation building over time. It is important or early childhood teachers and parents to try to keep the environment calm during this time of year. Here are a few hints for managing your classroom and preserving Delay talking about specific holidays. The earlier you start talking about […]

Do We Invest in Preschools or Prisons?

This is a powerful headline that is questioning our priorities. This issue was posed by Nicholas D. Kristof in the New York Times. He believes that it is a moment of opportunity for the country to establish a national early childhood program. In his opinion piece, he explains that there is a growing body of […]

NAEYC Conference

Are you going to NAEYC? Come visit me in Kaplan’s main booth no. 2200.  I will be doing a workshop on “Extreme Classroom Make Overs” using visuals, handouts, with examples of how to accomplish some amazing changes. That session will be on Thursday, November 21st at 2:30. I  would love to see you, renew connections, and […]

Fall Science Center Ideas

Today there is a major focus on including science in the curriculum for children, as seen in STEM. This emphasis on science and math is being encouraged in the early years and primary grades. It is important to remember, however, that young children are already natural scientists as they manipulate, explore, and question their physical […]

5th Annual Early Childhood Symposium: “Play: Where Learning Begins”

Presented by CSX   Date: Tuesday, October 15, 2013 Time: 5:30 – 8:30 pm Place: 8505 San Jose Boulevard, Jacksonville, Florida Fee: $35 per person, $45 per person after Oct 10th (includes dinner)   Featuring a stimulating keynote address The Dynamic Power of Play: Nurturing Learning in so Many Ways! by internationally recognized early childhood expert and author, Dr. […]

Alaska Adventure with Early Childhood Teachers

It has been a busy fall traveling around the country from Bowling Green, KY to Jonesboro, AR and El Paso, TX.  In each place, I’ve had the opportunity to work with wonderful early childhood teachers who share my passion for creating the best possible environments for young children. I have just returned from an amazing […]

The Positive Benefits of Pre-K

Over the last few weeks, I have read with dismay headlines that claim “Pre-K is a waste of money.” These unfounded remarks should inspire us to call to action. This upcoming year, a chapter that I have written for a book called “Innovative Practices in Early Childhood Education” will be published by Springer.  My article […]

Free Children’s Book

Well, if you read my last blog you know I suggested that you might do some “Spring Cleaning”. You probably know the old adage, “Don’t ask anyone to do something you wouldn’t do yourself”. After much soul searching, I decided I needed to do some cleaning and organizing in my warehouse where I keep many […]