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Creativity Surges during the Pandemic

Every day we are receiving negative news and depressing predictions that I began to wonder if we could at least find some positive happenings in today’s world.  I became attentive to the creative thinking that was being demonstrated throughout our country during this difficult time.  Perhaps this was the light I was seeking to move […]

Winter in Anchorage, Alaska

In early February, Anchorage AEYC held their annual early childhood conference. For over a year, I had been communicating with Christie and Cecilia (co-conference directors) learning about their members and their interests. These two dynamos planned and implemented a fabulous conference with early childhood educators from throughout the state.  Some teachers traveled hours in small […]

2020 is an Exciting Year for New Possibilities

As you make plans for 2020, here are 20 ideas to get you off to a creative start. For you Do something you have never done before. (What will it be?) Wear an item of clothing or jewelry you have never worn. Notice the change of the seasons and identify your observations. Drive to work […]

NAEYC 2019 in Nashville

Let’s reflect on our wonderful week in Nashville with thousands of Early Childhood Educators. What an exhilarating experience connecting with long time colleagues and new found friends! Sonia and I visited our latest book published by NAEYC in their bookstore, Nurturing Creativity: An Essential Mindset for Young Children’s Learning. On Saturday, creative teachers and students joined us […]

New York State Leads the Way

I just returned from an amazing event with New York State Early Childhood Education teachers called NYSED Professional Learning Opportunities: An Inspirational Night with Dr. Rebecca Isbell, author of Nurturing Creativity.  The session was filmed inside the beautiful WMHT Public Media TV studio where we explored the creative potential of young children. We examined aspects of […]

A Special Invitation from Dr. Isbell: NAEYC 2019

Join me and my co-author Sonia Yoshizawa on Saturday Morning for an exciting and informative session at the NAEYC Annual Conference! We will be offering creative ideas and activities to problem solve and co-reflect on unique ways to nurture young children’s thinking, one of the 21st Century Competencies. Don’t miss our sparkling session, and hope […]

Love of Nature Begins in the Early Years

I recently returned to my special place in the mountains and I reflected on how I came to love and appreciate nature and beauty. When I was a young child, my favorite and frequent outing was to travel to the Smoky Mountains National Park about an hour from my home. The best part was jumping […]

First Impressions, Powerful Connections

As we are getting ready for a new school year, it is important for us to think about the first impressions we make on our children, their parents, and our coworkers. I was reminded of this critical truth this past week before I did the Keynote for the Michigan Lutheran Early Childhood Conference.  When I […]

Getting Ready for Young Creative Thinkers

It has been a busy month working with diverse Early Childhood Programs across the country from Texas to New York to Michigan. At each program, I found the place and people were unique and very interesting.  At Humble School District in Texas, an energetic team was led by Jennifer who, with her dedicated team, planned […]

Give Your Brain a Break!

Our brain is working, sorting, and making connections all day long. My world, like yours, is filled with creative work, in-depth projects, and many personal responsibilities. Some include: books to be written, selecting words to explain ideas, using conversations to build relationships, and presentations to develop. These diverse tasks are so time consuming that few […]